#SomosLaVozNacional is a social-innovation initiative to unify the voices of Latinos in the United States.

Using Design Thinking as the methodology of choice, the data collectors in this project use
qualitative research techniques like focus groups and surveys to document solutions and build
bridges for effective intercultural communication. The project expands across cultural groups,
capturing the voices of Latinos and those interested in the advancement of multiculturalism
across the nation.

EMPATHY PHASE: In this phase researchers collect data about what users do, say (voices), value, and think.

This is a form of qualitative data collection, that will generate themes and topics to expand
during the focus groups. The interviews in this sections are suppose to reflect what people
spend their time doing on their regular daily lives and what they support about the topic.

Video-Interviews in the EMPATHY PHASE:

Interview with Dr. Piña, expert in Dominican Republic culture and community cultural leader in NYC:

Interview with C. Gaspar, a Guatemalan in Chattanooga, TN. Her view about whether or not it is possible to unify Latino and immigrant voices in the United States for a 

national strategy:

Interview with Pedro Mena (Venezuelan opposition), he shared about the fight to restore democracy and his message to people in the United States: 

Interview with Venezuelan Senator. He shared a message about how common law works in establishing a precedent to defend a country and  

called for young people to unify efforts for a peaceful global culture:

Interview at the Miami airport with Roberto Torrealba. He expressed his support for this project and joins #SomosLaVozNacional by calling for 

Latinos and people in the United States to work together: